Here are just a few vehicles that we have had the pleasure of taking care of. We are continuously updating this section with pictures of customer cars once we are done with them!


Above is a 2018 Hyundai Sonata that recently recieved the New Car Prep Package. Click on the photo to see the rest of the pictures!

Above is a BMW that recieved a major correction and Quartz+ three year ceramic coating! Click on the photo for more!

Above is a Cadillac that recieved a 2 stage correction and a 6 month sealant!

Above is an original 71' Datsun GTR. The original Skyline. There are only a handfull of these in the united states and the last one sold for 500k. these are one of the rarest cars in the world. not only did i have the pleasure to do a major paint correction and coat it with Kenzo but it is one of our sponsored cars! Click on the photo for more!

Above is a BMW X5. With over 200k on the odometer this vehicle was beat up pretty badly. it recieved the Major Correction topped with Kenzo. Also the trim was restored back to new using a permanent restorer. The wheels were coated with IGL Wheel and the tires were Coated with Black Pearl Tyre Coatings. Click the photo for more!

Above is a Harley Davidson Bobber. With years of wear and tear we corrected the paint and protected it with IGL Quartz along with the rest of the bike, including the exhaust and motor! Click on the photo for more!